Matteo van 't Rietenhof

Belgian champion 2014

Matteo van 't


Matteo fulfilled his role of top favorite with great bravura and was named the Belgian Champion of 2014. He has a beautiful conformation and is big in appearance, he has a good front, big feet and lots of expression in his good legs which he uses correctly and with lots of elegance.


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Lotte van 't Rietenhof Kadet d'Elewijt
Aster van den Oudenbos

Generations of top quality

The dark bay Justine van 't Rietenhof is the mother of Matteo, she herself is a daughter of the former champions Buffalo van 't Camillenhof and Lotte van 't Rietenhof. An exclusive bloodline with generations of top quality, which is reflected in breeding by his many successful offspring.

Thanks to the first category for his first crop progeny, Matteo is approved for life. In the meantime, 24 of his sons have been approved for breeding as well and also his grandsons are starting their carreer! Matteo's offspring shows a lot of quality as well as a great variety of colors.

The results of his offspring are unnameable and unmatchable by now. The nomination as "living legend" is therefore well deserved.

Frozen semen

We have frozen semen available from our national champion stallion Matteo van 't Rietenhof. These straws can be exported to almost all countries in the world (with all the necessary health certificates). Motility of >60% which is extremely high for frozen semen; and certainly for Draft Horses!

Exceptional high motility of +60 %

The frozen semen has led to several successful gestations and healthy foals

Sent with health certificate, directly from the reproduction center

Export outside Belgium possible

Contact us for further info.

Order semen

Ordering of fresh semen, only by telephone to Eddy at phone number +32 (0)476 79 40 19